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Accountants in Mauritius

Accountants in Mauritius

Foreign citizens and investors who come to Mauritius can relocate based on employment or for business reasons and once they establish themselves here, they will need to comply with the same regulations as locals.

One of the main requirements to abide by is paying the taxes imposed in Mauritius and for this, an accountant can be of help. Apart from our team of company formation specialists, we work with accountants in Mauritius in order to provide all the necessary services a foreign citizen or investor needs to work, respectively operate a business in the best conditions.

Services provided by our accountants in Mauritius

If you have just arrived or are planning to move to Mauritius, our accountants can help you understand the taxes and accounting requirements you will need to respect. Apart from this, we can also offer a wide range of services among which:

  1. support in tax registration, as just like in any other country you need to register with the local authorities in order to pay taxes here;
  2. bookkeeping and accounting services for companies – these are essential for day-to-day operations;
  3. audit services for companies – audits are mandatory for most Mauritius businesses;
  4. obtaining various tax deductions and exemptions, if available;
  5. assistance in obtaining all the benefits associated with the double tax treaties for foreigners coming from states that have such agreements with Mauritius.

Another important service you can rely on our accountants in Mauritius for is related to the special tax regulations applicable to offshore companies.

You can also rely on us if you want to set up a company in Mauritius and need incorporation services. Foreign nationals who are investors, professionals, or self-employed can apply for a combined occupation and residency permit. This is one of the main ways to immigrate to Mauritius and settle here for different timeframes, based on the conditions they moved. For permanent residency, there are special programs they can adhere to.

You must establish a Global Business Company, or simply put, an offshore corporation, in order to conduct business on Mauritius’ financial markets. A permit for investments is also required, and the Mauritius Forex license is one of the best to obtain for offering such services both in and outside the country.

Register for taxation in Mauritius with the help of our accountants

The first step you need to complete once you arrive in Mauritius as a private citizen is to register for taxation. The same requirement applies after registering a company in the insular state.

Tax registration is different for individuals and companies and our accountants in Mauritius can provide tailored assistance to business owners, as the procedure requires more attention in terms of documents to prepare. Also, enterprises should consider registering for the value added tax at the time of filing for a tax identification number.

For all these, you can rely on our Mauritius company formation and accounting officers. We are also at your service if you want to immigrate to Mauritius.

Among the methods to become a citizen of Mauritius is naturalization. In this instance, the individual must be in possession of a 7-year residency permit, of which 5 must have been spent here. Contact our immigration experts at any time for detailed information on the requirements to secure Mauritius citizenship.

It is not difficult to open a company in Mauritius, but an investor needs to know where to look and who to trust. This is where our local specialists can help. You can rely on us for extensive services related to the business incorporation process, as well as support after starting your activities and you may still face uncertainties.

We are at your service if you are interested in opening a Mauritius bank account. The procedure is fairly simple and requires you to prepare various documents. Among them, make sure you have a valid passport and proof of address. Contact our local specialists for guidance in choosing a bank.

Bookkeeping and accounting services in Mauritius

 Bookkeeping is vital for a company no matter its size. It represents the conciliation of all financial documents a business issues on a daily basis. Our accountants can handle:

  • invoices;
  • receipts;
  • sales and purchases records;
  • payments.

Bookkeeping is a time-consuming task that needs to be completed with care and attention and for many companies, the help of an experienced accountant or bookkeeper and our specialists can provide tailored services in this sense.

We are also at your service if you want to apply for Mauritius citizenship by investment.

Audit services for companies in Mauritius

All these documents will enable the company to keep track of its cashflow, expenses and losses.

At the moment, Mauritius has a little over 40 treaties for the avoidance of double taxation and is negotiating a few more.

If you are a foreign investor and need assistance in such matters, our accountants can make the necessary verifications in order to see if you meet the requirements to benefit from such a treaty.

The Mauritius Company Law requires businesses registered here to have their accounts audited before being filed with the tax authorities and Trade Register.

Our auditors in Mauritius can provide internal and external audit services in accordance with the local and international standards with the purpose of meeting all the requisites imposed by law.

Our accountants in Mauritius are at the service of local and foreign companies in need of audit services.

Tailored support for foreign investors

Foreign investors have plenty of benefits when opening companies in Mauritius. One of these refers to the tax deductions they can obtain if their home country has a double tax treaty with Mauritius. Through such a convention both the shareholder can obtain tax deductions or exemptions on certain incomes with the purpose of avoiding taxation in one’s own country and in Mauritius.

Taxation in Mauritius

According to the latest data from the Mauritius Revenue Authority, here are the main taxes to be paid here:

  • individuals are imposed the personal income tax at rates of 10% and 15%, depending on their net income;
  • companies are imposed the corporate income tax at the standard rate of 15%, however, a 3% rate applies to businesses in the export sector;
  • the value added tax is imposed at the standard rate of 15%.

For more information on taxation and tailored services, please contact our accountants in Mauritius.