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Immigrate to Mauritius from South Africa

Immigrate to Mauritius from South Africa

People who want to immigrate to Mauritius from South Africa will find it easy from several points of view. Some of the most important ones refer to the location of both countries, but also to the resembling cultures.

Both African countries are developed from an economic point of view, which is why Mauritius welcomes investors, as well as people who want to retire here from South Africa, but also those who come here for work reasons.

Below, our immigration specialists explain the main conditions for emigrating to Mauritius from South Africa. We are also at the service of investors interested in business registration in Mauritius.

The main requirements to immigrate to Mauritius from South Africa

Persons who want to move to Mauritius from South Africa must comply with the same rules as citizens of other countries. They must apply for short-term or long-term residence permits if they want to stay here for long time frames.

It is useful to note that one does not need a visa if the duration of stay in Mauritius does not exceed 30 days. This is why, South African citizens who want to stay here for more than one month, can apply for one of the following types of visas:

  1. social visas which have the shortest period of stay, of 45 days within a year;
  2. business visas which can be accessed by South African investors who can stay here for 120 days within a year;
  3. multiple entry visas under which enable foreign citizens to divide their stays into 90-day visits within 120 days;
  4. tourist visas which are quite generous from a duration of stay point of view, enabling the holder to remain in Mauritius 6 months out of 12.

Those who are interested in emigrating to Mauritius from South Africa permanently can apply for residence permits until they qualify for citizenship.

Citizenship by investment is also an option for those who have the necessary financial means to choose one of the investments that enable them to obtain Mauritius passports.

If you decide to relocate to Mauritius from South Africa, you can rely on our local specialists for tailored support in drafting the required paperwork in accordance with the type of visa/residence permit sought.

You can also count on us if you are interested in company formation in Mauritius. Apart from our business registration solutions, we can also assist in other legal matters such as applying for Mauritius citizenship. We have a team of lawyers who can provide support in a wide range of civil matters, so if you need support in such cases, you can definitely rely on us anytime!

How to move to Mauritius from South Africa and obtain residency

There are several types of permits that those who want to relocate to Mauritius from South Africa can use to obtain temporary or permanent residency. These are:

  • occupational permits;
  • internship-related residence permits;
  • employment residence permits.

Those who want to move to Mauritius with their spouses must apply separately for bringing their significant others here.

Another aspect that should be considered is that the occupational permit implies meeting specific requirements to immigrate to Mauritius from South Africa.

The occupational permit is issued to investors, professionals in certain domains, and self-employed persons.

If you are a South African investor and want to relocate to South Africa, you can rely on us for dedicated company formation services. We are at your disposal if you want to set up one of the most popular business forms here: the offshore company.

In Mauritius, there are several options to start a business. To have the majority of the incorporation process finished when you arrive, you can either come here or employ specialized services. If you opt to collaborate with us, you will receive full support, allowing you to open a company in Mauritius in just a few days.

In order to open a financial company in Mauritius, you need to appoint a local agent if you are a foreign investor. Once the company is created, you can either get schooled here and qualify to apply for specific licenses or you can appoint an authorized Mauritius Forex license holder, depending on your needs.

The following financial requirements must be met in order to move to Mauritius through an occupational residence permit:

  • a minimum salary of 150,000 MUR for foreign employees of Mauritius companies;
  • a 3 million MUR income for sole traders;
  • 15 million MUR per year for investors.

Occupational permits have a validity of 3 years, which is why you should also consider this aspect when deciding to immigrate here from South Africa. Mauritius has become of the most appealing countries in the Indian Ocean to relocate to. Investment and employment are the two main reasons that determine people from European countries mostly to decide on immigration to Mauritius on a long term, and our specialists can help them.

How to move to Mauritius from South Africa through residency by investment

A South African citizen can immigrate to Mauritius upon the acquisition of a qualifying residential property under the Property Development Scheme (PDS). In order to invest and work in Mauritius, South African citizens will not be required to get an occupation or work permit if they have a residence permit under this program. Also, the minimum value of the property is set at MUR 375,000 or its equivalent in any other foreign currency.

The property may be bought by a trust, business, or foundation while a qualifying person may be proposed to hold the permission if the property is acquired through any of these entities. So, the new program is designed not only for simple citizens who want to relocate to Mauritius from South Africa, but also for business owners.

It should be noted that the residence permit holder may live in Mauritius as long as the property is owned. A Mauritius permanent residence visa is also available for those who have dependents, which include their spouse, common-law partner, children, and parents.

The Smart City Scheme is another option for South Africans, as it was created to promote the growth of real estate development mixed with innovations and smart technology. Investment requirements have been lowered from USD500,000 to USD375,000 in order to be eligible for a residency permit.

If you decide to relocate to Mauritius this way, do not hesitate to get in touch with our immigration lawyers who are at your disposal.

Relocation by employment

While investment and real estate acquisition are great ways to move to Mauritius from South Africa, not everybody wants to relocate here permanently, employment being a better option for them. When paired with the fact that Mauritius grants them residency by occupation, the country becomes more appealing.

South African citizens who obtain employment in Mauritius under a contract with a minimum salary of MUR60,000 (USD1,500) per month are eligible to apply for a professional occupation permit. The base monthly wage for professionals in the ICT, BPO, pharmaceutical, and food processing industries must be at least MUR 30,000 (USD 750).

A short-term occupation permit is also available for those who want to immigrate to Mauritius from South Africa. The validity of such a work permit is 9 months and may only be renewed once for a maximum of 3 months.

Upon expiry, holders are qualified to renew it as long as their job contract is prolonged, and they are paid a qualifying monthly pay. Also, if they have lived in the country for at least 3 years and have received a basic monthly salary of at least MUR150,000 (about USD 3,500), professional occupation permit residents are also qualified to apply for a 20-year permanent residence permit.

The occupational permit also enables dependents to become eligible for residence permits that allow them to live in Mauritius for the same period of time as the main applicant. By dependents, we mean the spouse, civil partner, children, and parents.

Special policies were put into place by the government in 2021 with the intention of keeping foreign knowledge and talent in Mauritius:

  • the possibility to extend a professional occupation permit for 10 years;
  • holders of this type of residence permit to have the freedom to change jobs without having to fill out a new application as long as the requirements are completed.

If you are interested in moving to Mauritius from South Africa this way, you can rely on our local specialists who are at your service with dedicated solutions.

Permanent residency requirements for South Africans in Mauritius

Those who decide to immigrate to Mauritius from South Africa are eligible to become permanent residents after 10 years. However, they are required to meet several criteria in order to obtain this status.

All applications are handled by the Department of Defense and Home Affairs in Mauritius. Our lawyers can guide you on the requirements to immigrate to Mauritius from South Africa permanently.

Assistance in immigration to Mauritius

If you are planning on emigrating to Mauritius from South Africa, our team is at your disposal with various services. Among these, assistance in drafting and filing for a residence permit, but we will remain at your service after arriving here if you need to renew various documents or even apply for citizenship.

So, if you want to immigrate to Mauritius from South Africa and you are looking for an immigration lawyer, do not hesitate to contact us. We also specialize in company registration, if investment is your relocation option.