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Immigrate to Mauritius from UK

Immigrate to Mauritius from UK

In the past few years, Mauritius has become a very appealing destination for expats. The luxurious landscapes and good quality of life make the insular state very appealing for citizens of countries all over the world. With a population that speaks English on a broad level, British citizens have plenty of options if they want to move here.

This article is a guide if you want to immigrate to Mauritius from UK and want to settle here temporarily or indefinitely. Our specialists can also help you set up a business in Mauritius if you are a British entrepreneur.

Visa requirements for British citizens traveling to Mauritius

One of the most frequently asked questions on moving to Mauritius is whether a British citizen needs a visa to enter the country even when having obtained a residence permit, such is the case in other countries. The answer is no, British citizens do not need visas if their stay does not exceed 30 days or if they have obtained one of the available residence permits.

For those who want to stay for periods exceeding 30 days, but who are not convinced they want to live here on the long-term, the following visas are available:

  • the social visa which enables a 45-day stay in Mauritius in a calendar year;
  • the multiple-entry visa which has a duration of 90 days within a 120-day time span;
  • the business visa which enables UK entrepreneurs to stay in the country for 120 days within a year;
  • the tourist visa which has the longest duration of stay, of up to 6 months.

If you want to relocate to Mauritius from UK for a longer period of time, temporary and permanent residence permits are the main options.

It is also possible to enter the Mauritius citizenship by investment program for those who meet the immigration requirements imposed by the local authorities.

Our lawyers in Mauritius can help you with all the procedures you need to complete for a successful relocation. You can now move to Mauritius through investment. This implies starting a business or entering a special program dedicated to investors. No matter the pathway you choose, you can contact our specialists in immigration to Mauritius for guidance in applying for the chosen type of residence permit.

Naturalization is one of the ways through which one can obtain Mauritius citizenship. In this case, the person must have a residence permit for 7 years, out of which 5 must have also been spent living here. For complete information on the requirements, do not hesitate to contact our immigration specialists.

How to immigrate to Mauritius from UK based on temporary residence permits

The temporary residence permit is one of the most attractive ways for those who want to move to Mauritius from UK, as it can be obtained under different circumstances. However, here are the main types of visas available for temporary relocation:

  1. the occupational permit;
  2. the employment residence permit;
  3. the spouse residence permit for British citizens married to Mauritius nationals.

For each category of residence visa, different requirements apply, however, the occupational one has more specific conditions, compared to the employment-related one which requires a job contract, and the spouse visa that can be obtained by those are married to Mauritius citizens.

The first category, the occupational permit can be obtained by entrepreneurs, investors, and self-employed persons who want to immigrate to Mauritius from UK.

If you enter any of the categories above, you can rely on our company formation agents in Mauritius for support in registering a business. Among them, the offshore company is one of the most popular among foreign entrepreneurs.

If you wish to open a company in Mauritius, we can help. You can determine the kind of business you wish to run in this small, yet productive country with the assistance of our advisers. One of the most crucial things to think about is the requirements associated with the legal entity chosen, which can be explained by our agents.

If you want to obtain a Mauritius Forex license, you can do that by securing a broker license with the Financial Services Commission. Through it, you can offer brokerage services, meaning that you can manage various types of accounts and even conclude certain actions on behalf of your clients.

Obtaining permanent residence as a British citizen in UK

Permanent residency can be obtained through occupational permits created for those who want to stay here in the long term. If you want to relocate to Mauritius from UK and need guidance in obtaining permanent residency, you can rely on our specialists.

Among the most important aspects to consider when choosing permanent residency in Mauritius as a British citizen are:

  • the fact that investor and self-employed residence visa is valid for 10 years;
  • the residence visa for specialists and skilled workers is valid for 3 years.

There are also other conditions that need to be respected in order to obtain the above-mentioned visas, and among them, is the requirement of having a specific annual or monthly income, depending on the type of visa solicited. Based on these visas, permanent residency can be obtained after 20 years of living here.

If you plan to immigrate to Mauritius from UK and need assistance in selecting a type of residence permit, do not hesitate to ask about your options with our immigration agents.

Mauritius’ population

At the beginning of 2022, Mauritius’ population was over 1.2 million citizens, according to data gathered by Worldometers. Also:

  • 40.8% of the inhabitants live in urban areas;
  • the country has a young population with a median age of 37.5 years;
  • Mauritius’ population represents 0.02% of the world’s population.

If you want to immigrate to Mauritius from UK and need support, feel free to contact us for guidance in choosing and applying for the appropriate type of residence permit and enjoy some of the most spectacular views in the world.