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Immigrate to Mauritius from US

Immigrate to Mauritius from US

With a population of 1.3 million people and English as an official language which eases the procedures of entering various contracts, Mauritius is very appealing for expats interested in working or having businesses here. US citizens who want to relocate to Mauritius have several options in terms of visas and residence permits they can obtain. Among them, the occupational residence permit is one of the most popular choices.

Below, our immigration specialists invite you to find out how you can immigrate to Mauritius from US. We are at your service with assistance in applying for the desired residence permit.

Long-stay visas for Mauritius

Out of the 6 types of entry visas a US citizen can apply for, 4 of them enable a person to stay in the country at least 45 days, while the most extended stay can be obtained through a tourist visa. With it, one can remain in Mauritius for up to 6 months within a calendar year.

Most of the time, however, people who want to move to Mauritius from US apply for residence permits that come with more rights and the possibility of renewal every few years. So, if you have not decided yet on the type of visa you can request, you can rely on our lawyers who can advise you based on the reason you want to move here.

How to immigrate to Mauritius from US based on occupational permits

The occupational permit is the equivalent of the US Green Card. It is a permanent residence permit that in some cases can have a validity of 10 years. The following options are available for those who want to relocate to Mauritius from US based on this type of permit:

  1. the professional occupational permit;
  2. the young professional occupational permit;
  3. the self-employed occupational permit;
  4. the investor occupational permit.

Apart from these, there is also the dependent pass for occupational permit holders. Through it, a US citizen who lives in Mauritius can bring family members here.

You can also move to this country by starting a business, and our company formation agents in Mauritius can help you register the selected type of entity. Mauritius is well known for its offshore company regime.

Professional occupation permits for US citizens

A US citizen moving to Mauritius as a professional must first obtain an employment contract from a local company. In order to obtain it, the foreign employee must be offered a minimum salary of 60,000 MUR per month. There is also the category of IT employees where the minimum salary is established at 30,000 MUR on a monthly basis. Once the labor contract is signed, the US citizen must be registered with the appropriate professional institution no later than 3 months from entering the country.

It is also possible to immigrate to Mauritius from US for a short period of time, specifically for 9 months, however, this option is seldom employed.

When it comes to young professionals, the following requirements must be met by those applying for it:

  • they must be students who have an undergraduate degree obtained in Mauritius;
  • they must be specialized in fields like financial services, robotics, IT, biotechnology and their subsectors.

Based on the employment contracts they obtain the validity of their residence permits can be of up to 3 years with the possibility of extension.

The occupational permit is very versatile, and it is one of the best ways to move to Mauritius from any country.

The self-employed occupational permit in Mauritius

Those who want to immigrate to Mauritius from US and are used to having their own small businesses can apply for the self-employed occupational permit. This type of residence permit comes with specific requirements, among which:

  • he or she must have an activity related to the services sector;
  • he or she must first deposit at least 35,000 USD in a Mauritius bank account;
  • the person must obtain a minimum income of 600,000 MUR per year;
  • he or she must register with the professional body regulating his/her activity within 3 months from entering Mauritius.

Our local specialists can help you set up a bank account in Mauritius.

Why move to Mauritius from US?

According to the National Bank of Mauritius, the country has become appealing to those interested in investing in real estate. During the Covid-19 pandemic, this sector has generated 16.148 billion MUR, out of the 21.337 billion MUR derived from foreign direct investments. Owning a house here means having a vacation home, which during the periods one is not in the country can be rented and thus be a source of passive income.

If you decide to relocate to Mauritius from US and need support, contact our local officers for details on all our services.