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Immigrate to Mauritius

Immigrate to Mauritius

Mauritius is not only an attractive investment destination, but it is also a great country to live in. The beautiful landscapes make tourists fall in love with Mauritius who decide to relocate here. The insular state’s economic development also helps in this sense, as there are plenty of opportunities for those who want to have their own businesses or who can find employment in important industries like tourism or finances.

Below, we present the main options you have as a foreigner if you want to immigrate to Mauritius. If you need support, our lawyers are at your service. We can also help with company formation support in Mauritius.

Types of visas for Mauritius

Mauritius is a very friendly country, which is why many foreign citizens do not need visas if they come for simple visits here. For those who need visas, on the other hand, there are several options they can appeal to. Among these, there are:

  • the tourist visa under which a foreign person can stay in Mauritius for up to 6 months in a calendar year;
  • the business visa which is often requested by investors as it enables them to stay here for maximum 120 days in a calendar year;
  • the social visa under which a foreigner can stay in Mauritius for up to 45 days in a calendar year;
  • the multiple entry visa which is similar to the business visa and allows a foreign citizen to stay in Mauritius for maximum of 120 days with a maximum duration of each visit of 90 days.

Apart from these, there are also residence permits that are destined for those who want to immigrate to Mauritius and stay here for longer periods or who want to relocate here permanently.

Our specialists are at your disposal with detailed information on the visas available for relocation to Mauritius.

How to immigrate to Mauritius based on residence permits

Citizens and investors who want to work or set up offshore companies in Mauritius (this is one of the most popular business forms in this country) can apply for one of the following types of residence permits:

  • occupational permits;
  • residence permits for internships;
  • employment-based residence permits;
  • residence permits for spouses of Mauritius citizens.

Each type of permit comes with its requirements which can be explained in detail by our local advisors.

We are at your service if you want to open a company and relocate here through the Mauritius citizenship by investment scheme here based on business.

Occupational permits for foreign investors

Foreign entrepreneurs who want to immigrate to Mauritius have three types of occupation permits they can apply for. These are granted depending on the purpose of moving here and they address to:

  • investors;
  • professionals;
  • self-employed individuals.

Moving to Mauritius as a foreign professional is not complicated and our specialists can guide you. We are also at your service with company registration services in Mauritius.

Permanent residency options for foreign citizens in Mauritius

They enable the applicants to work and live in Mauritius. While the residence permits for investors and self-employed persons have a validity of 10 years, those created for professionals have a maximum validity of 3 years. Both types of visas are renewable.

Apart from these, there is also the possibility to immigrate to Mauritius through a retired non-citizen residence visa which was created for citizens above the age of 50.

As Mauritius is keen on attracting young skilled migrants, the government has also enabled the young professional occupation permit under which Mauritius companies can hire foreign citizens based on employment contracts with a maximum validity of 3 years.

People who want to move to Mauritius under occupational permits can become eligible for permanent residency which can be acquired for 20 years.

This option, however, is conditioned by a minimum income or return, as it follows:

  • 15 million MUR per year, or 45 million MUR for an aggregate period of 3 years in the case of investors;
  • a monthly salary of at least 150,000 MUR for 3 years for a professional;
  • at least 3 million MUR for 3 consecutive years for self-employed persons;
  • at least 54,000 USD for a 3-year period for retired persons.

There is also the possibility for investors to inject a minimum amount of 375,000 USD into a qualifying company and obtain permanent residency in Mauritius.

Those who decide to relocate here must also register with various authorities, among which the Mauritius Tax Department.

If you want to immigrate to Mauritius and need guidance, our specialists can offer all the details about the procedure, documents to prepare, and the duration of paperwork processing. We are at your disposal with various services, so contact us anytime!