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Lawyers in Mauritius

Lawyers in Mauritius

Foreign citizens and investors who come to Mauritius must deal with various legal actions depending on the operations they need to complete. No matter if they need assistance in relocating here or opening a company, our lawyers in Mauritius are at their disposal with various legal services.

Below, we invite you to find out how our lawyers in Mauritius can guide you through the legal system of the insular state. We are at your service with complete company formation packages in Mauritius.

Services provided by our lawyers in Mauritius

When coming to Mauritius, it is good to check the legal requirements one must meet depending on his or her purpose. For this, the advice of a lawyer who can provide information on immigration procedures is helpful. Our lawyers can offer such services alongside others, among which the following listed below:

  1. full company formation services in Mauritius which imply document preparation and filing with the local authorities;
  2. legal assistance in setting up trusts, investment funds and other legal vehicles;
  3. real estate purchase assistance which will be tailored to the needs of the clients;
  4. legal assistance in contractual matters – due diligence and agreement drafting services;
  5. legal assistance in disputes outside the court or with the Mauritius courts of justice;
  6. support in immigration to Mauritius. Prepare the appropriate travel documents before you ever consider obtaining a Mauritian passport or becoming a citizen of Mauritius. The primary requirement, unless there is an exception under the residency program or immigration legislation, is a valid visa. The visa applicants must be examined by the immigration office before being given permission to enter and remain. Contact our lawyers for support in applying for Mauritius citizenship.
  7. tax legislation advice in order to understand how to benefit from the advantages this country offers.
 Quick Facts 
Business registration services (YES/NO)

Yes, we offer company formation services for local and foreign clients in Mauritius

Bank account opening services (YES/NO)

We offer onshore and offshore bank
account opening services

Support in offshore zone company registration (YES/NO)

Yes, our specialists can help investors set up offshore companies in Mauritius
Assistance in immigrating
to Mauritius (YES/NO)

Our lawyers can help foreign citizens to obtain occupational, temporary and
permanent residence permits

Guidance in citizenship by investment (YES/NO)We also offer assistance to investors interested in relocation by investment 
Support in setting up trusts (YES/NO)

We can assist with the creation of
Mauritius trust entities

Assistance in obtaining business licenses (YES/NO)

We can guide business owners in obtaining various types of licenses

Asset management support (YES/NO)Our lawyers in Mauritius are at the service of those interested in efficient asset protection solutions
Relocation services (YES/NO)Our Mauritius lawyers can advise on the main aspects related to relocating here and registering
with the local authorities
Registered agent services (YES/NO)We also offer registered agent services
for foreign investors
Support in renting/buying a property (YES/NO)Yes, we can help you acquire a property in Mauritius
Tax advice (YES/NO)You can rely on our lawyers for guidance on the tax legislation in Mauritius
Due diligence solutions (YES/NO)We can perform various checks related to businesses, properties and other legal matters
Assistance in Civil Law matters (YES/NO)Our lawyers in Mauritius can assist in various
Civil Law matters, such as contracts
Other servicesCourt representation, assistance in setting up investment funds, debt collection, etc.

If you need any other services, you can rely on our lawyers who can help you with the business registration procedure and on Mauritius citizenship by investment and other connected matters.

This infographic also shows how our lawyers can help you:

Immigrate to Mauritius with the help of our lawyers

Those who find Mauritius very appealing can move here by applying for a residence permit. The formalities to complete are not many, however, the assistance of a lawyer can speed up the procedure quite a lot.

Our immigration lawyers in Mauritius can help foreign citizens in preparing the immigration documents, reviewing the application dossier, and verification of the application status with the local authorities, so the client is always up-to-date with the latest changes in his or her immigration status.

Foreign citizens who want to relocate to Mauritius, have three options in a matter of residency. They can apply for:

  • occupational permits;
  • residence permits;
  • permanent residence permits.

The occupational permit is available for those who want to live and work in Mauritius and can be obtained by various categories of immigrants. It is granted for a maximum period of 3 years and can also be renewed provided that certain requirements are met. However, this type of residence permit is more suitable for foreign investors and professionals who want to work as self-employed persons.

Residence permits can be obtained by all other categories of foreign citizens who want to work and live in Mauritius, but also for those who want to retire here.

The permanent residence permit has a validity of 10 years and can be obtained by all categories of immigrants, however, it is best suitable for investors willing to invest at least 500,000 USD in a commercial activity.

Our immigration lawyers in Mauritius can explain all the conditions for moving here. It is also possible to obtain Mauritanian citizenship through adoption. The requirements are quite complicated in this case, which is why this process is often overlooked by foreign citizens. Many of them choose residency as the main pathway to becoming a citizen of this country.

Open a company in Mauritius with us

Most foreign investors who come to Mauritius are attracted by the thriving business environment, which is why our lawyers are at their service with complete company formation packages. These imply:

  • advice on choosing the legal structure;
  • document preparation, notarization and filing with the Trade Register;
  • tax registration;
  • bank account opening;
  • business licensing.

We can help you open offshore companies, obtain investment licenses and offshore bank accounts in Mauritius, some of the most sought services here.

There are two different licenses available: the investment dealer without underwriting and the investment dealer with underwriting. The difference between them refers to the allowed capital amounts. If you need support in applying for a Mauritius Forex License, our company formation representatives will help you.

Online account opening is possible as long as the application is submitted through a management business in Mauritius that has received approval from the Financial Services Commission (FSC). You can also contact the bank of your choice to find out whether you can complete the procedure online, however, as a first-time comer here, it can be simpler to use our services in order to open a bank account in Mauritius.

Apart from these, our lawyers can offer assistance in the creation of various estate planning legal vehicles, such as trusts.

Buy a property in Mauritius with the help of our lawyers

Real estate purchases are very appealing in Mauritius because of the attractive prices compared to European jurisdictions. Our lawyers are at your service if you want to buy various types of properties – from apartments to houses or even commercial buildings.

We can verify the selected property through a thorough real estate due diligence process, which also implies the preparation of the documents and sale-purchase agreement in order to finalize the transaction. Furthermore, we can assist with the registration of the property with the Land Register.

We remind you that if you are interested in buying a commercial property with the purpose of company registration in Mauritius, our lawyers can help you. They will also help in any matter related to immigration to Mauritius.

Guidance in obtaining special licenses in Mauritius

In the case of offshore companies operating in certain fields, specific licenses are required. One of these licenses is the registered agent license which is issued by the Financial Services Commission (FSC). In order to fully understand the requirements imposed by this authority, our local lawyers can explain the types of permits one can obtain and the procedure to complete in each situation.

Our specialists in Mauritius will help applicants submit the necessary documents in order to obtain such licenses, in order for them to avoid traveling here before these are issued. Also, other business permits required for conducting operations in non-financial sectors can be obtained by our consultants on behalf of foreign business owners.

When seeking to apply for a business permit, including a Forex license, for onshore or offshore companies in Mauritius, the help of our lawyers can prove essential in matters of procedures and time spent in gathering and filing all the documents with the relevant authorities.

Around US$4 trillion is traded every day in total on the FX markets. In as little as 3 months, you may be trading on this profitable market thanks to the quick and affordable process for obtaining a Mauritius Forex license. Contact us if you want to apply for such a permit and need support in setting up a GBC company.

Registered agent services in Mauritius

The opening of an offshore company in Mauritius can imply the appointment of a registered agent, case in which our lawyers are at the service of foreign investors and companies seeking to operate here. A registered agent can:

  • draft the incorporation papers for the selected business form,
  • file the papers with the Trade Registrar,
  • register the company for taxation and VAT,
  • assist in obtaining the necessary operating licenses.

Our company formation agents in Mauritius are also at the service of those who need to fully understand the legal implications of doing business in this jurisdiction. Both foreign currency and Mauritian rupees may be used to open a current account by foreign residents. Only domestic and international bank transfers are permitted when it comes to depositing money into a foreign currency account. So, when you decide to open a Mauritius bank account, it is worth considering this aspect.

If you have any questions about our services, you can send them via email and our lawyers will answer them in the shortest time.

Tax advice and planning solutions in Mauritius

One of the most appealing reasons to do business in Mauritius is the taxation system, especially when creating an offshore company.

In order to benefit from all the advantages of this entity it is necessary to understand the tax legislation here and our lawyers in Mauritius can help investors and business owners who want to expand their operations here how they can benefit from this country’s taxation system.

Considering that taxation is one of the most important aspects of setting up a business in Mauritius, our lawyers will make sure investors from other countries understand how this system works here and they will offer tailored tax advice and solutions for these to always comply with the laws here. Customized tax optimization solutions for the Mauritius-based company are also a part of our legal services.

Assistance in opening a bank account in Mauritius

No matter if you want to open a personal or corporate bank account, our Mauritius lawyers are at your disposal, and with a power of attorney, it can be set up in a very short period.

We can help foreign individuals set up accounts with the desired financial institutions they consider appropriate, or they can rely on the advice of our lawyers. In order to open a personal bank account, there is little paperwork involved, therefore it will be created in just a few days.

When it comes to corporate bank accounts, the documents to prepare to depend on the chosen Mauritius bank. There is also the possibility of opening company accounts with branches of foreign banks operating in the insular state, as this is one of the best solutions for those seeking to expand their operations here. There are several overseas banks that offer their services in Mauritius and business owners from these countries can link their operations here with those in their home states through bank accounts set up with the same bank.

We can also assist with the creation of offshore bank accounts which are quite requested in Mauritius.

Debt collection lawyers in Mauritius

Debt recovery is not the most pleasant thing to do when you have to collect money from bad payers, however, with the help of our attorneys, you will not have to worry about this aspect. All you need to do is let us know the details on the amount of money owed and the person or company liable to pay them so we can act accordingly.

At first, an amicable recovery will be tried by our lawyers who will try to reach a solution that will help you recover your loss and enable the debtor to pay without burdening them further, which is why an agreement in this sense will be attempted.

If this solution does not work, court proceedings will remain the only way of resolving such a case. However, we will offer guidance and legal support throughout the entire procedure.

Choosing to work with lawyers when dealing with debt collection can have several advantages over an agency. First of all, in commercial debt recovery, a lawyer will know how the law applies and how to settle the debt sooner rather than later. Then, if the case goes to court, legal representation will be ensured by a specialist who is already acquainted with the case and has all the evidence to prove your case.

If you are dealing with a difficult debt recovery situation, our lawyers in Mauritius can help you.

Our lawyers can help you when you are not in the country

Traveling is now available anywhere in the world and many foreign investors with operations in Mauritius need to be away for some reasons and short or long periods of time. This is why having a helping hand in Mauritius can be very useful when dealing with urgent matters.

Our lawyers here can help both local and foreign investors and even citizens who must handle various aspects related to their businesses or authorities in the country for a quick resolution. With a power of attorney, our specialists can represent business owners but also natural persons whenever they need.

Having the services of a lawyer at your disposal can have many benefits, which is why if you are interested in legal support, you can rely on our consultants who are well prepared and who are ready to offer the necessary legal guidance in various matters.

We can help you register a business without you even coming to the country during the first stages of the company formation procedure and we can later act as registered agents who can represent the company in respecting the regulations imposed by the Mauritius authorities.

If you have any questions for our lawyers in Mauritius, we are always at your disposal via email with information on how we can help.

The main reasons to hire a lawyer in Mauritius

Dealing with the law is not easy, as there is not just one branch in the legislation of a country and the assistance or advice of a lawyer can save a situation without you having to worry anymore. This would be the first reason to hire a specialist.

In the case of foreign citizens and investors coming to Mauritius, the lawyer can act as a liaison between them and the authorities here when the situation requires it. We can be of help in both civil and commercial matters so that you are covered from every point of view.

A particularity of the commercial legislation in the insular state provides for complying with certain requirements, especially when setting up a business, such as the case of offshore companies which require registered agents. Our lawyers in Mauritius can guide overseas businesspersons who need to appoint such agents and provide them with legal and business counseling to make sure they respect the legislation.

Another aspect that can be overseen by our lawyers is related to tax legislation. Mauritius has its own tax laws that apply here, however, foreign investors also need to respect the laws in their home countries, which is why if there are any agreements between two states, our specialists can look into the matter and offer proper guidance on how the respective legislation applies in Mauritius, or how the businessperson’s activities will be affected here.

Our lawyers are always updated on the changes in the legislation and can provide assistance based on the new regulations that apply in the sectors of interest of our clients. So, when you are not sure about how to comply with certain laws, you can ask for the support of our specialists who can guide you in the shortest time possible.

Any legal issue will be handled with professionalism by our lawyers who have extensive experience in a wide range of matters.

Other services provided by our lawyers in Mauritius

Mauritius nationals and foreign citizens and companies can rely on our lawyers for various legal services, including guidance in setting up trusts as asset protection tools or even prepare their testaments in order to ensure effective distribution of their estate.

Also, those who want to create investment funds in Mauritius can rely on our specialists who will help them choose a legal vehicle under which these can operate and will also help them register them and obtain the necessary authorizations.

Our lawyers in Mauritius are at the service of both natural persons and companies who need assistance in various legal matters. With a personalized approach, our consultants will ensure effective delivery of the services sought.

Legal representation in the courts in Mauritius

There are cases in which disputes cannot be avoided, however, foreign citizens and investors involved in such proceedings need not worry as our lawyers in Mauritius are at your service with legal advice in order to avoid court proceedings which are usually long and tiresome. However, if the case ends in court, our lawyers can represent you.

The Mauritius judiciary is made of a single-tier system divided into two, the Supreme Court and its subordinate courts. The latter are:

  • the Intermediate Court;
  • the Industrial Court;
  • the Court of Rodrigues;
  • District Courts.

There is also the Family Court that deals with family-related matters.

When dealing with various disputes, the guidance of a lawyer is very important to solve the matter as soon as possible.

If you need assistance in any type of litigation procedure, our Mauritius lawyers can offer the necessary legal support in order to achieve the best results. You can rely on us for a wide range of services related to corporate and commercial disputes. We will review your case and provide a suitable approach. Also, where possible, our lawyers recommend arbitration or mediation as a quicker way of resolving a dispute.

If you have any questions about how to solve a litigation case, our lawyers are at your disposal. Moreover, we can also handle the company formation procedure in Mauritius by making sure you comply with all the legal requirements imposed by the local laws.

Guidance on contractual matters in Mauritius

When moving to start a business in Mauritius, you will need to conclude various civil or commercial agreements and when you are not very well acquainted with the local laws, the solution can come from our lawyers in Mauritius who are experienced in this field.

We can draft or review any document related to real estate rental or purchase, or any legal documents associated with doing business in Mauritius. Our lawyers will make recommendations and also advise on the conclusion of all types of legal documents.

Registered agent services in Mauritius also rely on specific contracts that can be created or verified by our lawyers. We can also comply with various due diligence procedures upon request.

Due diligence services in Mauritius

Making specific verifications when moving or starting a business in Mauritius, due diligence is a good solution in cases like checking a property to purchase, verifying a client or associate, or even a company about to do business with.

Our lawyers can perform Trade Register searches when it comes to companies, as well as background checks on behalf of local and foreign clients. We can assist in a wide range of legal matters where you need specialists to handle complete verifications.

Our lawyers in Mauritius are at your disposal for complete assistance, do not hesitate to get in touch with us and tell us how we can help.

What to consider as a foreigner in Mauritius

Just like any other country, Mauritius has its own laws and regulation one must comply with. On one hand, there are the civil laws that must be respected when moving here and which imply obtaining a suitable residence permit, and on the other hand, there are the commercial ones that apply to those starting businesses here. There are also cases in which these may intertwine, therefore, a foreign citizen needs to pay attention to all aspects of moving here.

Our lawyers in Mauritius are at the service of both natural persons who move here for work by verifying employment offers and rental or property sale-purchase agreements, however, we can also advise on the immigration procedures that need to be completed for a quick and safe relocation procedure.

We are also at the service of foreign investors and companies seeking to establish their commercial presence here. We can assist those who want to create onshore or offshore companies, but also subsidiaries or branch offices for the expansion of business activities. We also invite you to watch our video:

Why choose our legal services in Mauritius?

The Mauritius legal system is quite comprehensive and having the assistance of experienced lawyers is very important. You can rely on us for various matters which range from simple to complex ones so that you don’t have to find it hard to move through the legal system of this country.

If you are attracted by the idea of coming to Mauritius, the official website of the Government offers the following data on the country:

  • Mauritius is an island with a population of 1,3 million inhabitants;
  • in 2018, the country’s economy increased by 3.8%;
  • according to the World Bank, Mauritius ranked first and 20th among African states, respectively in the world in the 2019 Ease of Doing Business Index;
  • Mauritius has an Exclusive Economic Zone which expands over 2,3 million sqm.

For more information on the services provided by our lawyers in Mauritius, please contact us.