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Mauritius Retirement Visa

Mauritius Retirement Visa

Mauritius offers several types of residence permits under which foreign citizens can relocate here. The occupational permit is by far one of the most appreciated as it covers three categories of immigrants, namely, investors, self-employed people, and employees. However, persons who want to retire here can apply for a special type of visa.

The Mauritius retirement visa comes with several advantages, among which long-term stay is one of the most appreciated. Below, our specialists explain the main eligibility condition for this type of residence permit. We have a team of lawyers in Mauritius who specialize in immigration matters and who can help you apply for it.

What is the Mauritius retirement visa?

The retirement visa is actually a residence permit addressed to a special category of applicants, as its name says. It is first issued as a temporary residence permit with a limited duration, but it can be renewed for long-term residency purposes.

If you want to immigrate to Mauritius, there are also several investment visas under which you can move here.

If you are interested in immigration to Mauritius, contact us. Our lawyers who specialize in such matters are at your disposal with various services. Among them, support in moving here, guidance in choosing a place to stay, and assistance in renewing your residence permit before expiry.

Investment is one of the best ways of securing Mauritius citizenship, as it comes with several advantages. Among them, the possibility of becoming a real estate owner. If you are interested in this option, do not hesitate to get in touch with for details on the requirements you would have to meet.

Eligibility criteria for the retirement visa scheme

The retirement visa addresses foreign citizens who are aged above 50 and who want to move to Mauritius. These must also meet other conditions, among which the financial ones are the most important.

There are also other types of visas, such as the occupational residence permit available for persons who want to relocate to Mauritius, however, these are also subject to various requirements. Opening a company in Mauritius can enter the attention of those who have experience in running a business, and our company formation specialists are at the service of those who want to live here. The Mauritius retirement visa is, however, one of the most advantageous from a financial requirement point of view.

Income conditions to obtain a retirement visa

There are several important aspects to consider about the Mauritius retirement visa and the financial requirements one must meet in order to qualify for this type of residence permit. These are:

  • the minimum amount required to apply for the visa is 1,500 USD per month (18,000 USD per year);
  • for this amount a one-year residence permit is issued;
  • at the end of the first year, if the visa is renewed, a 10-year residence permit can be obtained;
  • it is also possible to obtain a 20-year residence permit after living here for 3 years consecutively.

If you want to apply for this visa, you can get in touch with our local specialists who can guide you on the procedure.

We are also at the disposal of foreign investors interested in company formation in Mauritius. We can offer full company incorporation services. If you plan to open a company in Mauritius, the procedure is not difficult and can be done in a few days. The opening of the corporate bank account, which can take longer, is what you need to take into account. However, other nations also have a lengthy process for doing this.

Starting an investment company in Mauritius is not complicated, however, you need to comply with the local legislation. You also have access to various types of financial authorizations, among which the Mauritius Forex license is one of the most advantageous from various points of view, including international recognition.

Buying real estate as a retiree in Mauritius

While most immigration by investment programs allow the purchase of properties for specific amounts of money, an advantage of the Mauritius retirement visa is that it also allows its holders to buy already-built residential real estate or properties in projects under development without having to comply with minimum investment amounts.

Other advantages of the retirement visa in Mauritius

The retirement visa comes with other benefits than the ones already presented, and one of the best is that the holder can invest in a local business, as long as he or she is a shareholder in such a company. However, the person is restricted from being an employee or holding a management position within the same enterprise.

It is also possible for the main applicant to immigrate to Mauritius with the spouse or life partner. In this last situation, a civil union partnership agreement is required.

We can advise foreign citizens who want to relocate to Mauritius with their partners and apply for retirement visas.

How to apply for a retirement visa

The procedure of applying for a Mauritius retirement visa can be commenced online by sending our local specialist a set of documents to start the formalities. A bank account should also be opened to prepare for the transfer of funds.

Once the documents are filed with the Economic Development Board, an Approval-in-Principle document will be issued. Based on it, the bank account can be set up and the funds transferred. There are no restrictions on the currency to be used in order to prove that the applicant meets the income requirements.

If you want to retire to Mauritius by applying for this type of visa, our local consultants can help you prepare and file the necessary documents. Also, if you are already a holder of such a residence permit, we can help you renew it. Do not hesitate to contact us for detailed information on all our immigration services.