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Open a SPV Company in Mauritius

Open a SPV Company in Mauritius

The Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) in Mauritius is also known as a Variable Capital Company (VCC), as it can be used to create investment funds. This is a subsidiary usually created by another company (parent firm) to pool money from various investors.

If you want to open a SPV company in Mauritius and need assistance, you can rely on our local consultants. Our company formation agents in Mauritius can also advise on the main advantages of this type of entity.

Common legal entities to set up a SPV in Mauritius

When it comes to investment destinations, Mauritius is an excellent choice for those who want to establish special purpose companies, as the law here provides for several types of entities to be used. Among these:

  • the authorized company which can be used for various investment activities, but also for offering consulting services to qualified investors;
  • the Global Business company or the offshore company which is one of the most tax-advantageous legal forms in Mauritius;
  • the Protected Cell company which enables the separation of the assets of the parent company into various cells;
  • the company limited by guarantee which is a limited liability company resembling similar business forms in other countries.

Once you choose the type of entity to use to open a SPV company in Mauritius, you can get in touch with our local advisors.

How to register a SPV company in Mauritius

As a foreign investor you do not need to immigrate to Mauritius in order to create such a company, as you can use our dedicated company formation services. Once you select the right business form for you, we can handle:

  • the creation of the constitution documents for the SPV company;
  • open a Mauritius bank account for corporate use;
  • file the necessary paperwork with the Trade Register;
  • register for taxation.

The procedure of establishing a Mauritius SPV company is not different from that of opening a domestic business. You can also rely on us for Mauritius company formation solutions if you want to set up a commercial entity.

The best business form for a SPV company in Mauritius

By far, the Global Business Company or offshore company is the most suitable legal entity to open a SPV in Mauritius. It is divided into two categories, based on the license it needs to obtain.

The main requirements to create a SPV under one of these 2 legal entities are:

  • appointing at least 2 directors who are permanent residents in Mauritius and who are qualified or have the expertise of managing a business;
  • it must also have an accredited company secretary;
  • it must keep its primary bank account open in Mauritius;
  • it must keep its accounting records up to date at all times;
  • it must have its registered office in Mauritius.

Such a company must file an annual tax return with the Mauritius Revenue Authority and must have statutory financial statements audited.

This business type can also be used to undertake various investment operations, for which a Mauritius Forex License can be obtained. Our Mauritius company formation advisors can help you file for such a license.

What are the advantages of a SPV in Mauritius?

Opening a SPV company comes with several advantages, among which:

  • access to a diversified portfolio for investors;
  • the possibility for investors to create a track record;
  • access to various investments;
  • no taxes for the company.

Our company registration agents in Mauritius can explain how this type of entity works.

Economic forecast for Mauritius

Opening a SPV company in Mauritius can be a good business decision, as the country’s economy is expected to perform quite well over the next period of time. According to recent data gathered by the African Development Bank Group:

  • the real Gross Domestic Product is expected to grow by 4.2% in 2024;
  • inflation is projected to decrease from 6.9% in 2023 to 5.5% in 2024.

If you decide to set up SPV company in Mauritius, contact us. We are also at your service if you want to apply for citizenship in Mauritius.