Open Offshore Company in Mauritius

Foreign investors coming to Mauritius have several business entities they can choose from when seeking to establish operations here. One of the most popular such entities is the offshore company which has many advantages from taxation and registration points of view.

If you are interested in Mauritius offshore company formation, our local consultants are at your disposal with complete incorporation services. You can also rely on us if you want to set up a company in Mauritius under a different legal form.

Legislation on Mauritius offshore companies

There are two important laws that provide for the creation of an offshore company in Mauritius, and these are the Companies Law of 2001 and the Financial Services Act of 2007. There are two Mauritius offshore company types that can be set up in this country and they are also known as Global Business Companies (GBCs).

Our company formation specialists in Mauritius can offer detailed information on the two laws under which such business forms can be created.

Types of offshore companies in Mauritius

According to the local legislation, there are two types of offshore companies that can be registered in this country. Formerly known as the Global Business Company 1 (GBC1) and the Global Business Company 2 (GBC2), after their licenses, these two business forms have been replaced by the Mauritius Global Business License Companies (GBLC) and the Mauritius Authorized Companies (AC).

The Category 1 offshore company must be incorporated in Mauritius and obtain a license from the Financial Services Commission, however, it will be allowed to conduct business outside the country.

It is possible to use this type of company for the registration of a subsidiary or branch of a foreign company seeking to operate in Mauritius. Moreover, the Category 1 offshore company can be used for the re-domiciliation of a foreign company in Mauritius.

The second type of Mauritius offshore company is the Category 2 business which can be used for completing various operations outside the country, however, it will not benefit from any tax exemptions in Mauritius compared to the first type of entity.

The Category 2 offshore company in Mauritius can be registered as a private company that completes its operations with non-residents. It is mostly suitable for trading and holding operations, cases in which it will need to comply with additional requirements upon incorporation.

No matter the type of offshore company you want to open, our Mauritius company formation agents are at your service with information on how to choose the appropriate business form.

Requirements for the opening of a Mauritius offshore company

Those who want to open an offshore company in Mauritius must make sure they respect several requirements. According to the local legislation, the following are required to create a GBC in Mauritius:

  1. at least one shareholder is needed, however, there are no restrictions with respect to their residency;
  2. such a business form must have a minimum number of 2 directors – there can be no corporate director, and at least one of them must be a Mauritius resident;
  3. the company must be registered by an authorized Mauritius agent – our specialists can act as such;
  4. the Mauritius offshore company must have a local address and bank account.

In terms of registration documents, the Memorandum and Articles of Association must be prepared and filed with the Companies Register.

As mentioned above, if you are interested in company registration in Mauritius, our agents can represent your interests with the local authorities. We remind you that for a Mauritius offshore company a local agent must be appointed if you are a foreign shareholder.

Shareholders in an offshore company in Mauritius

The opening of a Mauritius offshore company is quite simple from a shareholding point of view, which is one of its greatest advantages. Compared to other types of companies, a single shareholder who owns all the stock in the company is allowed. Also, beneficial owners can appoint nominee shareholders, provided that the names of the former are reported to the Companies House and Financial Services Commission in Mauritius.

Our Mauritius company formation officers can handle the entire incorporation procedure for an offshore company on behalf of foreign investors.

Directors in a Mauritius GBC company

As mentioned above, a Mauritius offshore company needs at least two directors. At least one of them must be a resident of this country, while corporate directors are not allowed. Another important aspect to consider is that if the company wants to have access to Mauritius’ double taxation agreements, both directors must be ordinary residents of the insular state. They must also be approved by the Financial Services Commission.

The business registration process in Mauritius can be completed from start to end by our local consultants.

Share capital requirements when opening an offshore company

According to the law, there are no specific share capital requirements for opening an offshore company in Mauritius, no matter the type of license it applies for. Moreover, there are no requisites in regard to having a paid-up or authorized share capital.

Also, the offshore company is very flexible from a type of share issuance point of view. An offshore company in Mauritius can issue various types of shares, among which registered, preferred and redeemable ones. It is important to note that an offshore company cannot issue bearer shares.

Our business registration advisors in Mauritius can offer more information on the share capital requirements of an offshore company.

Corporate name and registered agent requirements for offshore companies

The other aspects to pay attention to when setting up an offshore company in Mauritius are its trading name and the obligation of having a registered agent.

When it comes to the corporate name, it must be unique and must include words that imply its recognition as a company. Among these, the words limited, corporation, incorporated are accepted. Their abbreviations can also be used.

Another requirement for an offshore company is to have a registered agent who must be a Mauritius resident who received official notifications on behalf of the business.

Our company formation advisors in Mauritius can act as registered agents for your local business.

How to register an offshore company in Mauritius

The incorporation of a Mauritius offshore company will start with the trading name reservation which is subject to a few selection criteria (these requirements can be explained by our agents). Then, the statutory documents need to be prepared and authenticated. A Mauritius registered address must also be provided and a local bank account in which the share capital will be deposited must be opened. In terms of share capital, there is no minimum amount imposed under the legislation.

Our company formation agents in Mauritius can help with the registration of an offshore company with the Trade Register and the Financial Services Commission.

The main uses of an offshore company in Mauritius

The offshore company can be employed for various purposes, among these the most common being intellectual property rights holdings, consulting services, real estate property holdings, international trading operations, e-commerce operations, and even for offering brokerage services provided that it obtains the necessary financial services licenses.

It should be noted that authorized companies are not allowed to engage in certain activities. Among these, offering financial or trustee services.

If you are interested in setting up an offshore company for one of the purposes mentioned above, our agents in Mauritius can offer detailed information on the licensing requirements.

How long does it take to register an offshore company in Mauritius?

One of the most important advantages of setting up an offshore company is the simple registration requirements completed by the fast incorporation procedure which takes only a few days. However, it is useful to note that the opening of the bank account can take longer – a few weeks.

When it comes to the obligations after the company is registered, the shareholders must know that the company is required to file a simplified annual balance sheet alongside an audited profit and loss account. However, its accounting records and statutory documents must be kept at the legal seat of the company.

If you are interested in information on the accounting requirements imposed on an offshore company in Mauritius, feel free to ask our local agents for details.

Tax advantages of offshore companies in Mauritius

There are many advantages linked to the creation of an offshore company and among these those related to taxation are quite a few. We will only mention the following:

  • the dividend distribution tax which can be reduced from 30% to lower rates under double tax treaties;
  • the corporate tax which even if established at a rate of 15%, tax credits of up to 80% can be accessed;
  • capital gains which are usually taxed at a rate of 40% can be lowered under various circumstances;
  • access to almost 30 double tax treaties signed by Mauritius.

If you are interested in the creation of a Mauritius offshore company, please contact us.